4 Injuries That May Occur Because of a Car Accident

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Car accidents can trigger a wide variety of injuries. Some can be overcome in just a matter of days while others can affect you for the rest of your life. Car crashes are also common causes of fatalities in California as well. Some of the more common injuries that result from a car accident are outlined below.

If you have been in a car crash that has resulted in injuries, you likely have legal options. Contact a Ventura County car accident attorney to determine what your next steps should be.

1. Head and Brain Injuries

Head and brain injuries frequently occur in car accidents because of the way that your body reacts to suddenly being stopped. In most car crashes, you are traveling along at a much higher speed than you can walk or run, and then you abruptly stop. This causes your body to keep moving forward even though the vehicle stopped. You can hit your head on the dashboard, steering well, a seat in front of you, and other objects. Even the simple back and forth movement of your head neck can result in severe injuries and damage well.

Traumatic brain injuries can affect how you think, feel, and understand things. While many are minor and will subside within a few weeks, a traumatic brain injury can affect you for the rest of your life.

2. Back and Neck Injuries

Your back and neck may be stretched and compressed quickly in a car accident. Any type of force on your spine can cause damage to the vertebrae, ligaments, spinal cord, and discs. Whiplash is extremely common following a car accident, particularly rear-end crashes. Nerve damage in the back or neck can lead to paralysis and loss of function. However, even if your back injury does not cause nerve damage, it can result in chronic pain for the rest of your life.

3. Chest Injuries

Your chest can undergo a crushing injury as a result of a collision. It can lead to broken ribs or breastbone. Injuries to the organs and diaphragm ruptures also occur relatively frequently in car crashes.

These injuries are more likely to happen if a passenger or driver is not wearing their seatbelt at the time of the accident. However, safety belts can cause their own injuries as well. Nonetheless, these damages are generally minor—usually scrapes and bruising.

4. Leg and Knee Injuries

The dashboard is just inches away for most passengers and drivers. When you move forward quickly, your legs and knees often run into the dash or the seat in front of you, if you are sitting in the back of the vehicle. While most leg and knee injuries are minor, usually bruising, they can lead to fractures or long-term knee problems. The knees are particularly susceptible to cartilage tears if they twist or turn awkwardly.

Getting Legal Help After a Car Accident

You should keep in mind that  car accident injuries may not appear immediately after the accident. It is a good idea to talk to a doctor after a collision, even if you think you are fine or the crash was minor.

Put talking to a Ventura County car accident attorney on your to-do list after a collision as well. You may be able to assert a claim against the other driver to recover costs related to your injuries and property damage. Call the Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman to learn more or to set up a free consultation.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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