7-Step Guide to Not Get Injured on Thanksgiving (Most Common Turkey Day Accidents to Avoid)

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving is one of the most joyful and anticipated times of the year when people and their families get together to have loads of fun.

However, for many, Turkey Day brings more pain than joy (literally), as Thanksgiving is also one of the most dangerous holidays for a number of reasons.

Today, your compassionate personal injury attorney J. Jeffrey Herman, who has been serving the Santa Barbara and Ventura counties for over 30 years, is going to review the most common Thanksgiving accidents that you should avoid at all costs.

That huge and heavy turkey

For some people, carrying and lifting those 25- or 30-pound (or more) turkeys may be a risky endeavor, as bending and lifting puts a mammoth amount of stress on the lower back, particularly for those who do not perform physical activity and who don’t keep their posture straight when carrying and lifting a hot, heavy turkey pan.

That risky oven and turkey fryer (burns and fires)

You may have carried and lifted a turkey without getting injured, but your journey has only just become. In fact, the second you open your oven to put the turkey, you expose yourself to a series of potentially hazardous factors.

First of all, it’s not uncommon for people to get severe and even fatal burns when using the oven or a turkey fryer in order to cook their Thanksgiving feast. Not to mention the splashes of super-hot oil and gravy all over the place.

Also, wearing loose clothes increases the risk of your clothes catching fire when cooking. It would be a good idea to ask your family or friends with getting the turkey out of the oven, as that’s where many Thanksgiving accidents occur (and ruin the holiday) in Ventura County and elsewhere in California.

That dangerous knife (knife wounds)

Now that the turkey is out of the oven, once again, don’t rejoice just yet. There are still plenty of hazards. It’s time to cut the turkey into pieces!

When carving the turkey, keep your fingers away from the knife, as you certainly wouldn’t want to lose your fingers this year. Most of the time, getting distracted is what causes carving-induced knife wounds when slicing turkey and other foods.

Also, don’t be in a rush, as this may increase your risk of getting injured while carving the turkey.

That talking-while-eating or huge chunks of turkey (choking)

Well done! The turkey is beautifully cooked, carved and served on the table. However, don’t let your guard down just yet.

Cooking a turkey is a saliva-inducing experience, which is why many people tend to eat too quickly the second the turkey is placed on the table. But eating fast may cause choking which could even lead to a fatal outcome.

Also, don’t talk and eat, or laugh and eat at the same time, though many families are guilty of both during Thanksgiving feasts (there’s a lot of talking at the table!).

Note: cut the turkey into small slices for children, as they may choke on large chunks of food.

That undercooked or contaminated turkey (food poisoning)

Our experienced personal injury attorney warns that even though you have managed to finish your plate – and your belly is now full of turkey and gravy – without getting injured (though you may be bloated, this is very common on Thanksgiving), beware of food poisoning.

You may start feeling the effects of food poisoning as soon as in a few hours or days after eating an undercooked or otherwise poisonous turkey (or other foods, for that matter).

Raw turkey is a bacteria-friendly environment, which is why it may cause salmonella poisoning if cooked improperly or undercooked. If you bought your turkey pre-cooked at a supermarket or were dining out at a restaurant during Thanksgiving and got food poisoning, you may be entitled to sue them for failing to prepare food safely.

Consult our Ventura County personal injury attorney at the Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman to review your particular case if you were injured due to someone else’s negligence. Our professional and diligent lawyers will make sure that no one ruins your holidays!

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