Correcting your Police Report

Thursday, August 3, 2017

It’s very common after a vehicle accident for the police to show up at the accident scene and prepare a police report. The report will include details about the accident such as individuals involved, damages, and who they believe is at fault. But sometimes police reports are inaccurate and you have to amend them. Contact an Oxnard car accident lawyer to help you with the legal aspects of your accident.

Personal injury claims

Although the police report is not admissible in court, it can be instrumental in determining who is liable for the accident and responsible to compensate the victims for all damages and injuries sustained in the accident. There is important information included in this report such as contact information of all parties involved in the accident and also statements from witnesses. The police report is generally one of the first things lawyers and insurance companies will take a look at.

Police reports can have errors

Humans make mistakes. It’s part of human nature. Although every mistake can’t be corrected, you may have a chance at correcting errors in your police report with the help of an Oxnard car accident lawyer. The information in the report can be either factual or open to dispute.

Errors are generally related to information about the vehicles, drivers’ personal information such as social security numbers and phone numbers. You only have to submit the right information and this type of error may be corrected. Contact the officer who filed the police report and submit proof of the right information. Depending on your situation, the police officer will either attach an addendum or correct the error on the report.

Dispute the facts

It’s possible after submitting all the correct information that you may still encounter some discrepancies. This is when a lawyer will come in handy. Perhaps the witnesses described the accident differently from what actually happened. Amending a police report is not as easy as it seems. Some important information such as details about traffic lights, the time you entered the intersection, and so on, is crucial to determining liability. It’s very difficult to prove who is wrong or right without facts or evidence.

There are times when you don’t agree with the wording of the statements taken by the police officer but you won’t be able to change them. You can still write an account of the accident and your observations and request your statement is attached to the police report. The police officer will determine if the information is appropriate or not. It’s not up to you to decide but you can always make the request.

Ask an Oxnard car accident lawyer

Perhaps you want your police report amended but not sure if you have what it takes to do so. Ask an Oxnard car accident lawyer about your chances of correcting information on your report. Contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation. Remember the officer is not obligated to change the report, therefore, hiring a lawyer may work to your advantage.

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