Don’t Slip And Fall For The Wrong Law Firm

Friday, March 2, 2018

Every year, millions around our great nation endure painful slip and fall injuries at work, while vacationing or during an evening of fine dining. And, with every injury, there’s an overly generous personal injury firm willing to undertake the arduous task of proving someone was negligent. It seems relatively normal, right? Well, there’s more to litigating for clients than meets the eye.

Locals hiring an Oxnard slip and fall accident attorney may wonder what firm they’re supposed to trust. After all, someone needs to get paid, but being treated with respect and being kept abreast of changes to case status would be nice.

Before tripping over your shoelaces trying to hire representation, don’t fall for these slip-ups:

Stop hiring ‘settlement mills’.

There’s an undeniable difference between retaining someone that knows your pain, and someone that you’ll rarely see. Many ‘super lawyers’ horde thousands of cases and have boilerplate methods of litigating cases; it’s like pulling an iron-on transfer from the drawer, heat pressing the design to a white shirt, and selling it fifty-thousand times.

A representation that injured folks like yourself need must not only know premises liabilities but should have enough moxie to face each client or phone them with case updates without having some third-party legal team emailing you (yet another) canned response. It’s just not ethical.

You deserve one knowledgeable Oxnard slip and fall accidents attorney handling your case with their interoffice team of secretaries and legal professionals.

Hire locally. Period.

Some folks just want that face-to-face interaction with their law firm. Well, driving 2,000 miles just to sign paperwork and meet your attorney is slightly inconvenient, to be honest.

Why hire representation for slip and fall accidents in Maine when you’ve got an excellent lineup locally? Your local attorneys will take their retainers or ‘x’ percentage of the settlement and pay their employees – who live locally. Those employees will shop for food, pay daycare costs, cover car notes, and dine out locally. And the wheel keeps turning until that attorney’s dollar comes back in the form of another settlement that was – you guessed it – negotiated locally.

Don’t entrust your settlement needs to national attorneys if you’re wanting that ‘local’ appeal.

Remember, make sure their thorough, too.

Most attorneys do handle cases with incredible accuracy and thoroughness. Some are blinded by some misguided rapaciousness, which is, unfortunately, ones who aren’t interested in ‘too many details’ as they’ll get victims something but bury unnecessary fees or stipulations in their contracts with clients.

Thorough representation means getting hands dingy. It’s digging deep to make cases irrefutably solid. And, of course, it’s taking that solid case as far up the legal ladder as necessary to get clients fully compensated for all financial and physical aggrievances.

There are few ‘bad’ attorney firms in California and America for that matter. But remember, the better your Oxnard slip and fall accidents attorney handles your claim, the better you’ll come out ahead. And that, my friends, is really all you’re after – someone that handles cases the way they’d treat their families.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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