The After Effects of a Dog Attack

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dog bites in Ventura can be a traumatic experience. There are 4.5 million dog bites each year with many requiring reconstructive surgery. Most residents or neighbors do not know how to react or what to do after a dog attacks them or their child, The after-effects can be life altering and this should try to be avoided at all costs. The first step is, of course, obtaining medical attention for the physical injuries. Next, you need to contact a Ventura County dog bite injury attorney. They will be able to guide you on pursuing psychological treatment and compensation for any treatment related to the incident. The primary goal is to get you better physically and mentally while taking some of the legal burdens off of you.

Physical Effects

Dog bites can cause various infections like rabies and tetanus but if you are able to clean the wound the chances of infection decrease. Dog bites can be so deep that they affect muscles, bones, blood vessels, and nerves. Over 27,000 victims have to face reconstructive surgery. Immediately after a dog bite, victims need to be relocated to a safe place away from the dog to treat injuries and prevent the dog from attacking again. While waiting for a medical professional to arrive try to clean the wound to avoid infection. Also, keep the wound elevated. If the dog has an owner it is important to obtain the dog’s immunization records which can be done by the hospital or law enforcement. Even if the bite seems minor it is always a good idea to seek medical attention as there can be underlying issues.

Emotional Effects

After a dog bite occurs, most people are concerned with physical ailments and wounds. Many fail to notice the potential of emotional distress that is caused by the incident. The emotional consequences can last for years to come. They can include anxiety, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The effects are life-changing, for example, a dog bite can leave scars and disfigurement which can lower a victim’s self-esteem and even get you to the point of social isolation. Other victims will fear dogs for the rest of their lives. Anxiety and PTSD are caused by reliving the attack over and over and is common among many dog victims. These are things that will affect your day to day life. Children will show signs like crying, nightmares, bed wetting, withdrawal, anger, fear and an extreme clinging to parents.

How we can Help?

A Ventura County dog bite attorney can properly assess your case and seek compensation for your physical and emotional pain. Many victims do not seek emotional help after a dog bite accident and those who do are not aware that the dog owner is held liable for your injuries. Compensation can be sought for physical injuries and emotional damages. If you have been attacked by a dog contact The Law Offices of J, Jeffrey Herman today for an initial free consultation to discuss your case and come up with a viable plan of action.

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