Keep riding – Finding Balance After a Bike Accident

Friday, September 8, 2017

Life is all about balance. If you are good at it you will survive most things. The aftermath of a bike accident can be a rollercoaster for most victims and it is important to get prepared for it. Psychological injuries are sometimes as difficult to cope with as the physical injuries sustained in the accident. Most people focus on the physical aspects of their recovery and forget that the brain is also part of the body. There are some common psychological reactions you may experience after a bike accident and ways to cope with them.

The legal aspects of your accident are also very important. Make sure you have an experienced Oxnard bike accident attorney to protect your interests and guide you every step of the way. It might not be a safe ride for a while but if you keep trying, you will find your balance.


These disorders are very common among war veterans or individuals who have experienced life-threatening events. While most victims will return to their normal life soon after the traumatic experience, some may experience stress reactions that may intensify over time. Victims of these traumatic events will recall the incident through flashbacks and nightmares. It is also common for these victims to feel detached and alienated. The symptoms can persist for a long period of time and produce life-altering consequences.

A common scenario involving a psychological disorder is a biker that struggles with getting back to cycling. The traumatic experience has left an emotional scar and it may take some time for the individual to heal. There are two trauma categories bikers may experience:

  • Type I Trauma – This category is for a single incident or catastrophic experience.
  • Type II Trauma – In this category the individual has already been exposed to a series of traumatic events.

Coping techniques.

Victims of bike accidents can feel unsafe from time to time. They can have irrational thoughts and panic attacks. It is important to establish a safe routine in a calm environment. Avoid things that stress you out. Perhaps you can visit a few places you enjoy, recall a pleasant memory, paint, talk to friends and family or watch a good film. Keep a journal of your progress and write down all the things you are thankful for.

You can also use relaxation techniques to assist you with anxiety. Focus on good things and whenever an unwanted memory hits you, divert your attention to something else. Progressive muscle relaxation techniques can help to reduce stress as well and they only last 15 to 20 minutes. They help with muscle tension, gastrointestinal and cardiac function, and your overall health.

Protect your interests

As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. Listen to your body. It speaks in so many ways. Remember an accident doesn’t define your life. Whether you attend therapy sessions, local groups or hire an Oxnard bike accident attorney to help you get back everything you have lost, the most important step is seeking help.

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