Your Last Ride in a Bike

Friday, June 16, 2017

All cyclists will face some danger at some point in their lives. Being involved in a bike accident can be quite traumatizing. But how can you recover from such horrendous trauma? Recovery is a process and like every process, it’ll take some time. Although physical recovery is crucial, the psychological aspects of your recovery are important as well. It would help if you learned strategies to cope with the psychological impact a bike accident can have on your life. With the help of a Ventura motorcycle accident attorney, you can claim your rights in any personal injury case and ensure those therapist visits are fully covered.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This is a psychological disorder that will make you react to things that don’t even pose a threat to your life.  Although people generally survive these events, some issues may linger and worsen over time. Sometimes your mind will cope through nightmares, flashbacks, or feeling disconnected. Everybody wants a good life and suffering from this disorder is no life unless you do something about it. The trauma can escalate to a more serious level if you don’t seek professional help promptly.

Acute Stress Disorder

This generally occurs throughout the following weeks after the accident and it may manifest when:

  • The accident or traumatic event provoked fear or possible death that involved you or someone else.
  • You keep experiencing or seeing the event in nightmares and emotions. Anything that resembles a traumatic event can trigger negative emotions and even bodily reactions.
  • You avoid places that remind you of the trauma and often feel isolated.
  • You have trouble falling asleep and become irritable, lack concentration, and become hypervigilant for no reason.
  • The symptoms manifest a few weeks after the accident had occurred.
  • This condition has interfered with your social life, job, and other areas of your life.


There are some triggers associated with riding a motorcycle after the accident:

  • You feel and smell the air, gravel, oil, everything around you.
  • You feel close to other vehicles.
  • You hear sounds of the wind, brakes, and feel like you are moving too fast.
  • You are too conscious of drop offs.

The path to healing

Dealing with the effects of trauma can be a rocky journey.  You need to make a list of your strengths and encourage yourself to ride again. This was your passion once and something you used to love. Whatever you do, don’t take this journey alone. Hire expert advice to get you back on track. You are entitled to receive compensation for pain and suffering, which may cover your therapist as well. A Ventura motorcycle accident attorney can explain in more detail what your legal options are, depending on the circumstances surrounding your case.  Only an attorney will be able to tell you how much is your injury worth. The conclusion of the whole matter, get better and ride again!

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