NutriBullet: Blender or Burner?

Friday, June 30, 2017

Imagine this: you’re making your morning smoothie per the directions on an accompanying booklet. Everything seems to be normal when the blender blades start speeding up and the container explodes right off, spraying you with hot liquid. You rush to the hospital and are informed you have second degree burns and will need surgery. The surgery requires doctors to place skin from a cadaver onto your face and hands. This is a scary situation and should never be something anyone has to experience. When everyday products go haywire and cause you to harm it’s time to contact a Ventura County personal injury attorney for a consultation immediately. Nutrisystem products are the latest to be causing bodily injury to its users.


The NutriBullet is well known for making amazing smoothies and ice cream. It is a very popular gift for any occasions. Now reports are surfacing that this space saving blender can be dangerous. The blender seems to be working perfectly when all of a sudden the blades begin to move faster and the blender “explodes.” If you are close to the blender you will be in the burn range. Consumers have reported having the contents of the blender sprayed all over their homes and on top of them. The contents are so hot it has even caused second-degree burns. The container seems to overheat and go off the hinges which is what causes these explosions. This seemingly harmless household product has become a hazardous personal injury item. Some Nutribullet booklets include recipes for hot items. Anyone with a Nutribullet should proceed with caution especially when making something hot.

Burn Victims

Many personal injury cases related to the NutriBullet have victims suffering burns to their face, neck and hands. The food contents are so hot that a person’s skin “melts” off. The burn victims have to spend several days in the hospital and in one case a victim almost went blind. Not only does the incident cause physical pain, but also emotional and financial strain. Victims have to be out of work for weeks if not months and a full recovery can take years. You will need to suffer through various surgeries and a painful healing process. Burn victims are traumatized from their experiences and many are seeking legal action.

How a Ventura County Personal Injury Attorney can help

As of the recent claims, Nutribullet has begun placing warning labels against hot foods but Nutribullet owners may not be aware or receive a warning. Unless Nutrisystem recalls all of the current products this will continue to happen. If you find yourself being a burn victim of the NutriBullet contact a Ventura County personal injury attorney immediately. They will ensure you receive the proper medical treatment and obtain the maximum financial compensation possible. Recovery is the most important part of the process but a burn injury attorney can get started on the case before you have completed recovered. All cases have a statute of limitations in which they need to be filed. So even though recovery may take years the lawsuit will need to be filed within the allotted time period.

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