Camarillo Brain and Head Injury Attorney

Commanding nearly every bodily function from one centralized source, the brain is your existence. When one part begins failing or hurting, the effects trickle down your body. Headaches and the inability to concentrate are telltale signs sent from one part of your brain to the other, telling you that something is amiss, albeit a lack of oxygen or even the slightest jarring of your skull.

Camarillo brain and head injury attorney assistance are right around the corner at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman. We pride ourselves on helping people receive benefits they deserve stemming from traumatic brain and head injuries.

Because the pain, headaches and dizzy effects are unbearably debilitating, contact us immediately following head trauma incidents.

Symptoms Associated With Brain and Head Injuries

If you experience any of the following, reach out to a brain and head injury attorney at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman immediately:

  • Problems maintaining proper balance
  • Uncharacteristic focus problems, or blurred vision
  • Extreme difficulty swallowing
  • Motor skills are impaired; meaning you cannot concentrate properly or function without extreme concentration
  • Problems talking

These are popular signs that you’ve experienced head trauma at work, in a vehicle accident, or even falling into a pool ladder.

So, what are the most common reasons The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman takes cases involving brain injuries?

For the most part, workplace accidents and vehicle collisions cause a greater number of head injuries to our clients. However, with pool owners growing increasingly negligent, we’re handling cases where head trauma occurred when a client fell alongside a pool, hitting concrete or even a pool ladder.

Whatever occurred, we encourage all victims of head injuries to consult with an attorney when that injury occurred at work, or during the commission of an accident by no fault of your own.

Don’t Get Conned Into Using Insurer’s Doctor

The quicker a doctor evaluates your condition, the quicker insurance companies can scrutinize your condition and settle for peanuts. After hiring a Camarillo brain and head injury attorney, we’ll help you seek a thorough examination from a reputable healthcare center.

We can help you find a second opinion, too. This washes away any ‘reasonable doubt’ defense the insurance companies or culpable parties may attempt to use.

Don’t get duped into using doctors ‘preferred’ by insurance companies. You’re under no obligation to visit anyone outside your family’s preferred practice, and you’re certainly not bound by one medical professional’s opinion. Getting several opinions from neutral practices that match is often enough to compel the insurance company to settle quickly.

If You Don’t Settle, You Don’t Pay

Our firm believes that proof is in the pudding. Most lawsuits we settle will have our fees put on the backend; if taken to court, we ask for reasonable attorney fees associated with representing you. This means you’ll have a much better settlement without coming up with an upfront retainer.

Trust a leading Camarillo brain and head injury attorney with your claim. Contact us immediately to schedule your initial consultation at no upfront cost to you.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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