Camarillo Burn Injury Attorney

Sustaining second or third-degree burns on half your body is pure torture. The long-term effects of being badly burned include losing career opportunities, permanent disfigurement or even worse – death.

Our firm, represented by an experienced Camarillo burn injury attorney, handles numerous claims from rear-end collisions that end with exploding gas tanks, to chemical burns caused by improper signage and bottle identifiers that cause skin burns.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman can handle any burn claim brought to us, collect fees only if our case is victorious. We work hard so you, the burn victim, can recover from your injuries.

Defective Products Cause Burns, Too

Products that contain chemicals can cause personal injury, too. Whether this means specific lotions that were made wrong or not properly labeled, or not properly specifying temperatures in which products can be stored, hiring a good Camarillo burn injury attorney can uncover many hidden untruths about products.

Other major burn injuries stem from:

  • Wildfires, although these are tougher to litigate
  • Faulty electrician work which resulted in a house fire, burning innocent dwellers
  • Poorly constructed or maintained work equipment
  • Gas tanks constructed poorly or placed where collisions could cause them to explode
  • Major chemical spills that weren’t properly contained

Obviously, this list is much shorter than other accident claims we handle. We encourage anyone with severe burns to discuss your case with The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman to determine if significant mitigating circumstances exist to fight for compensation.

Burns Injure More Than Skin

The depression, pain and suffering experienced after suffering massive skin burns underscore the severity of the accident. It’s simply not enough our client has to endure an altered appearance; now there’s medical bills, personal bills and potential loss of income because of another’s willful negligence.

Further adding insult to injury, companies will often fail to recognize your burns were their fault, but will quickly settle claims for next to nothing. Called ‘hush money’, corporate representatives are notorious for offering a quick payout to preserve whatever illegal activities may have caused your burn injury.

Because our firm has an aggressive burn injury attorney with thousands of hours working on burn cases, hiring us tends to scare the vultures away while landing our clients a more favorable settlement – many times including full medical reimbursement.

Don’t Let Companies Burn You Twice

If you’re an aggrieved victim experiencing financial losses because of burn injuries at work, in a public place, on the road, or on the premises of a business, the most important thing to do in the first instance is to consult a good personal injury attorney. And speak to no company involved!

Skilled personal injury lawyers can establish whether you have a good case, and instruct you on the next steps in raising a compensation lawsuit. If your case is deemed to be strong, there is absolutely no reason why you should feel in any way guilty about seeking the compensation you deserve – regardless of how quickly companies wish to settle your burn injury claim.

Contact a well-trained Camarillo burn injury attorney at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman today.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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