Camarillo Dog Bite Attorney

Medical bills. Rabies shots. Blood. Pain. The laborious fiasco of trying to heal after your arms, legs or torso were trapped between the teeth of an ill-mannered canine just cost you dearly.

Indeed, getting bit by an aggressive pooch is no fun. However, there’s a Camarillo dog bite attorney right around the corner who can leverage many pet ownership laws to your advantage, which means you’ll potentially come away with a handsome settlement for your troubles.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman, experienced in canine legalese, fights for dog-bitten clients frequently. Although no two cases are identical, we’re well versed in laws regarding rights owners have, and what rights victims of dog attacks are afforded.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy? Hire The Ventura Injury Firm

Whether you’ve had run-ins with neighborly companions or were attacked because of mistaken identity, every dog bite attorney we employ knows your pain. But simply understanding our clients’ grief isn’t enough – so we fight until you’re made whole.

Think your case lacks merit? Consider this. Just in 2013, California insurers received 1,919 dog bite claims to the tune of $64.7 million – by far the largest figures in America. Companies are paying out claims to victims just like you, with our firm having its hand in many settlements arising from dog owner negligence.

Every action taken immediately following your injury is vital, however. Did you:

  • Take pictures of your injuries?
  • Kill or maim the animal whom injured you?
  • Plead with the dog owner to help, to no avail?
  • Call local law enforcement and/or animal control?
  • Seek immediate medical attention to address your injuries?

Perhaps the first three questions are more vital to answer than others. If you fear retaliation, phone The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman then immediately seek urgent care. We’ll handle the reporting and request insurance information from the home owner on your behalf.

Don’t Let Pet Owners Intimidate You

Often pet owners will apologetically offer a few bucks for your pain, and hope you’ll “brush things under the rug”. Meanwhile, you’re in enough pain for twenty people, can’t work and now have an armada of bills consuming you. It can be nightmarish, to say the least.

Each Camarillo dog bite attorney with us knows that time is of utmost importance when litigating these types of personal injuries. Certain statues of limitations may apply, so it’s important for us to evaluate your case quickly.

Under most circumstances, we can settle these liability cases before filing formal suit against the dog owner. As we’ll work directly with an owner’s insurer, a more favorable outcome can be achieved. In the case where dog owners are uninsured, we can discuss options with them which can be equally beneficial.

Our goal as your Camarillo dog bite attorney firm is helping you receive compensation for injuries sustained while being attacked by Fido. We take cases on contingency, meaning if we’re unable to successfully settle, you pay nothing.

Don’t let the pain associated with dog bites leave you broke and hopeless. Schedule your free consultation with The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman today.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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