Camarillo Elder Abuse Attorney

Against your better judgment, you decide to put your mother into long-term nursing care. Based on rave reviews and your initial meeting, you feel comfortable knowing that the one who raised you will be in skilled hands.

Then the unthinkable happens: your mother is discovered crying because she was beaten by an aide. Even worse, the last bit of life savings was drained despite the facility’s promise not to touch it.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman, and every Camarillo elder abuse attorney within our ranks, takes elder abuse allegations seriously. These senior citizens paved the roads, infrastructure, and way of life many of us enjoy today – abusing them is beyond reprehensible.

We Can Settle Elder Abuse Claims Favorably

By definition, an elder abuse claim arises when any facility charged with caring for senior citizens neglects their duty. Many elderly folks placed in assisted living facilities cannot care for themselves, meaning day-to-day activities like showering, walking, playing games and even moving limbs are impossible.

Some examples of elder abuse an experienced Camarillo elder abuse attorney addresses include:

  • Malnourishment, which is denying elderly persons food, water and medicine,
  • Attempting to cut off interaction with loved ones, including failing to send mail,
  • Maintaining subpar living conditions, including not showering or cleaning rooms,
  • Sexual or physical abuse, and finally,
  • Failing to report or aiding elder abuse incidents, otherwise known as complicity.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman believes an elder’s livelihood should be just as comfortable as individuals living outside assisted living facilities. With three decades in practice, our experienced staff work tirelessly to assure the rights and privileges of senior citizens are preserved.

We Hold Offending Parties Responsible. Period.

It’s easy for any facility to turn off cameras, pretend these incidents never happened, perhaps ‘pay off’ potential witnesses to keep the abuse accusations quieted.

Even if relatives knew abuse was transpiring but did nothing to mitigate further harm, we can hold them personally responsible, too. Nurses, facility staff, friends, doctors, you name it – everyone who either contributes to, or covers up, elder abuse will deal with a results-driven elder abuse attorney at our firm.

Have caregivers monitoring daily activities in your home? They, too, are subject to state law. Anywhere an elderly person and abuse coexist, there are laws to protect the abused.

Civil Claims Can Also Mean Criminal Punishment

Defrauding, physically torturing or refusing basic human needs are civilly punishable by fines, punitive damages and any other financial relief an elderly person’s family or legal representative deem fair given the circumstances.

However, an attorney can always discuss bringing criminal charges with the County Prosecutor.

Once this case is tried both civilly for financial damages and criminally for state-level charges, it’s safe to assume that either an investigation into the facility’s operating procedures and abuse mitigation will commence.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman will keep all options open when we investigate elder abuse claims. Since well-known assisted living facilities fear being publicly embarrassed due to elder abuse allegations, many will settle away from court. We can discuss these and other intricacies of your case in person.

Contact us to schedule your no-cost elder abuse case review with a caring Camarillo elder abuse attorney today.

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