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The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that between 2005 and 2014, an average of 10 people died from unintentional drowning accidents per day. That equates to 3536 drownings a year, many which are preventable accidents. Even an experienced Camarillo pool accident attorney has trouble stomaching these facts, considering a larger chunk of these drowning victims are children between one and four years old.

Some of your more common causes of pool accidents include:

  • Uncharacteristically wet surfaces that cause slips trips or falls
  • Unexperienced, negligent or absent lifeguard supervision
  • Lack of emergency flotation devices
  • Unsuitable water levels
  • Accidental electrocution caused by exposed wires
  • Incomplete perimeters

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has extensive knowledge of premises liability. As an experienced Camarillo pool accident attorney firm with three decades of experience, we’re able to hold pool owners accountable for accidents that could’ve been avoided.

No claim is too large or small for our firm. We take the hassle out of filing insurance paperwork associated with pool-related injuries, deal directly with the companies or individuals involved and can settle cases before they reach the California court system.

Why hire an attorney? It’s just a minor accident.

Not only are we wanting to settle your pool accident claim for financial benefit, we’re equally anxious to have the individual or company responsible for your accident held to the highest standard of pool care.

Negligence, regardless of severity, is a horrible problem that courts tend to frown on. Corporations, even private owners, tend to cut corners by putting cheap pool ladders in poorly constructed pools. Lifeguards often refuse to properly police the pool area for broken glass or other obstructions, or even worse, leave large pools unattended.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman represents many clients across Santa Barbara and Ventura counties who’ve endured serious life-threatening injuries doing what they love most – swimming. But before hiring any pool accident attorney, there are several things you can do to speed up the process of working on your pool accident claim.

Involved in a pool injury? Follow these steps.

Whether you’re hurt or have witnessed someone falling victim to a pool accident, these important steps can save time and help your Camarillo pool accident attorney tremendously.

  • Check the safety and well-being of everyone. If you’re able to move limbs, make sure everyone else around you is okay. If you witnessed this, proceed toward the victim but do not touch them without asking first if they’re okay and able to move.
  • Take as many pictures of the accident scene and victims as possible. This means photographing yourself if you’re the only victim and the only one around. Take photos of everything around you; this proof will be instrumental in defending your case. You could take this opportunity to document the accident as well.
  • Get as much contact information of witnesses as possible. There’s no such thing as too many witnesses; gather names and phone numbers of everyone who can verify they saw the pool accident.
  • Safeguard all evidence. If you feel the pool owner or corporate employee is tampering with evidence, notify The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman as a preliminary injunction can be filed to confiscate that evidence from them. Take a video of events as they happen if you can.
  • Seek medical attention. This goes without saying, even if you feel fine. The judgment of a medical professional is more valuable than that of a layman.
  • Phone The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman. We begin immediately working on your case, start talking with your insurance company and vigorously comb over all evidence to build an ironclad case against the pool owner. There are many provisions within the California Swimming Pool Safety Act that homeowners turn a blind eye to – we can expose this quickly.

Whether you sprained an ankle or were revived after drowning, pool accidents are serious business.

Let the skilled, compassionate attorneys at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman fight for your rights. As one of the leading Camarillo pool accident attorney firms in the Ventura/Santa Barbara metropolitan area, we put our clients first and get the compensation you deserve.

Reach out to us today for a free case evaluation.

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