Camarillo Slip and Fall Accident Attorney

Slips, trips and falls are generalized as ‘premises liabilities’. Businesses and places of employment are held to high standards of OSHA safety regarding safe places to walk and perform regular job duties. Negligence not only injures workers and customers, it strikes fear into other employees while spreading into communities who transact with negligent businesses.

A Camarillo slip and fall accident attorney will not only take cases to recover financial benefits for clients, they’ll compel business executives to change policies regarding signage and, in worse case scenarios, secure court orders to shut down operations until full compliance is achieved.

Obstructions caused by foreign substances. Hazardous property environments. These and many other premise liabilities are serious infractions that The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman fights diligently to resolve so employees and customers feel safe again, and businesses can be held accountable for negating their duties.

Premises Liability Cases – No Win, No Fee

Cases, where injuries were sustained in unhealthy conditions, are litigated on contingency, meaning we’re able to prepare, file and fight premises liability cases with ‘fee shifting’ provisions. When safety laws are broken, we’re able to not only recover benefits for clients, but recover attorney fees that ‘shift’ in liability to the offending party. This means nothing comes out of your pocket because we’ll get paid later.

The Bureau of Labor Services reported in manufacturing alone in 2016, 19 percent (22,040) of all reported DAFW (Days Away from Work) cases were the result of slips, trips or falls. This report goes on to state that the average time away from work in these cases was nine (9) days.

These statistics don’t account for retail, food service or other injuries where obstructed areas can cause serious injury or death.

Hiring an expert slip and fall accident attorney immediately concluding an accident can be a difference maker for many reasons, including:

  • Having the peace of mind someone is fighting for worker’s rights.
  • Knowing the company, business or individual will be held accountable.
  • Working with a top-rated law firm dedicated to settling your case.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman is able to recover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and any other relief the courts deem proper in your case.

Injured At Work or While Shopping? Take These Steps.

Before presenting a Camarillo slip and fall accident attorney with your claim, you should consider:

  • Documenting the incident fully, even if that means taking cell phone pictures of the area;
  • Preventing discussion regarding fault. This could cost you dearly;
  • Collecting witness statements and contact information;
  • Preserving your entire outfit as is, down to your shoes;
  • Avoiding deep questioning or recorded statements to insurance adjusters, and
  • Seeking medical attention to address injuries, cuts, etc.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman knows every trick insurance reps and businesses will play to hide the scene. Expecting full blame to be placed on clients for ‘not paying attention’, we fight until you are made whole again.

Involved with a slip or fall? Contact a top Camarillo slip and fall accident attorney today. There is no cost for our initial conversation and case evaluation.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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