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Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft can prove very helpful in Camarillo, California, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are too intoxicated to drive yourself home safely, you don’t own a car, or you otherwise need a convenient means of getting from Point A to Point B, scheduling a ride with Uber or Lyft is often a wise decision.

However, early research indicates there may be a correlation between the increasing usage of these services among Americans and an increase in traffic fatalities. Some believe this is due to the simple fact that Uber and Lyft have put more vehicles on America’s roads. When roads are more congested, accidents are more likely to occur.

Have you been injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in the Camarillo area? If so, you may be struggling to pay for medical treatment. Perhaps you are also unable to work and earn a wage until you make a full recovery. Additionally, your injuries may have caused you to endure non-economic difficulties, such as pain and suffering.

You can seek compensation for such losses by filing an insurance claim. You will be more likely to recover the full amount of compensation you deserve if you have proper legal representation.

Learn more about your options by reviewing your case with a Camarillo Uber and Lyft accident attorney. Lawyer J. Jeffrey Herman and our team have the experience necessary to help you pursue what you are owed.

Seeking Compensation After a Camarillo, CA Uber or Lyft Accident

Uber and Lyft are still relatively young companies. Thus, the law has had to quickly change and expand in recent years to address how victims of Uber and Lyft accidents should go about seeking compensation for their losses.

You can be injured in an Uber or Lyft accident if you are:

  • An Uber or Lyft passenger
  • Driving or riding in another motor vehicle involved in a collision with an Uber or Lyft
  • Struck by an Uber or Lyft driver as a pedestrian

Seeing a doctor right away after your accident is vital. It’s possible you’ve been injured even if you don’t notice any signs of injury right away. Get medical care to confirm you are unharmed. If you have sustained an injury, seeing a doctor on the day of your accident can help you more effectively pursue compensation later.

Schedule a consultation with a Camarillo Uber or Lyft attorney shortly after. How you should begin seeking compensation in these circumstances can vary depending on certain factors.

For example, if you were involved in an accident with an Uber driver who was not driving a passenger and had not yet accepted a ride request, you may need to file a claim to collect from the driver’s personal insurance. If the driver did have passengers or had accepted a ride request when your accident occurred, you would likely file a claim to recover from Uber’s own insurance policy.

A Camarillo Uber and Lyft lawyer can handle your case, determining whose insurance is responsible for compensating you. They will also negotiate aggressively on your behalf if an insurance company does not initially offer a fair settlement.

Get in Touch With a Camarillo Uber & Lyft Accident Attorney

Camarillo Uber and Lyft accident attorney J. Jeffrey Herman know that coping with the aftermath of an accident can be a challenging experience. He and our team help by working hard to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. Get started today by contacting us online or calling us at 805-983-2344 for a free consultation.

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