Camarillo Wrongful Death Attorney

When the actions of another person, or company, resulting in the untimely demise of your loved one, a wrongful death has occurred. Accidental or purposeful, these injuries hamper survivors’ ability to live to the same standard as they did when their love one was alive.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has tried wrongful death cases in court and has settled numerous other cases before filing. Each expert Camarillo wrongful death attorney working within our firm knows the importance and delicate nature of these cases.

If your loved one was killed resulting from another’s negligent actions, you may be entitled to compensation.

We Prove Your Claim In Court

How do wrongful deaths happen?

Here are extenuating circumstances where our clients needed a wrongful death attorney:

  • Hospital negligence including an unneeded discharge or overdosing patients
  • Defective automobile products, such as airbags, which cause death when discharged during an accident
  • Malfunctioning machines that weren’t properly locked-out, causing electrocution or other deathly incidents
  • Defective fall protection gear given to workers who operate over 12 foot in the air.

When claims like this arise, we take each one seriously.

Settling Wrongful Death Claims

What if the offending party claims ‘complete and total innocence’?

Innocence isn’t questioned in situations like this, normally, especially since workers or customers don’t go out of their way to kill themselves. Because of this, companies will often settle with our client’s Camarillo wrongful death attorney. This often happens when they’re not directly liable for damages but feel an exhaustive jury trial could upend their brand or reputation. However, there are plenty of occasions when ‘settling out’ is not only valid but also the right thing to do.

If your loved one perished at the hands of another company, and our attorney can clearly establish a party who is responsible, you have a legitimate claim. The laws around wrongful death are there to ensure you are compensated, either for financial losses incurred or for the effect the death has had on your quality of life.

These claims where companies (or individual entities) are presented damning evidence that their own negligence caused death do own up to their guilt and will settle because the claim is legitimate, with no cross-examination, is needed because paying for mistakes the entity could have avoided is simply the only recourse.

Cases of this nature, of course, settle rather quickly unless the entity is truly broke, or the requested amount is simply too large. In this scenario, more time is needed to settle both sides prudently.

What You Need To Know

Raising a wrongful death claim is serious.

Because financial damages can reach hundreds of thousands, or millions, of dollars in cases like this, expect the offending party to either settle for much, much less or fight your claim until the end.

Hire an experienced, compassionate and knowledgeable Camarillo wrongful death attorney from our firm to handle these sensitive cases. We collect all facts, subpoena recordings, and witness testimony, and will do our own investigation to make the culprits pay.

There is no fee for our services if we fail. As a surviving loved one, you have nothing more to lose by scheduling a wrongful death consultation today.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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