Oxnard Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries most commonly end with catastrophic and permanent injuries. Not only are they physical injuries but emotional scars remain. Burn victims have been known to suffer from permanent disfigurement and PTSD. a burn injury is not quickly healed, it can take years to heal and the scars may always remain. On top of all of this, victims also have to consider how they are going to pay for the treatment. This places the victim in even a bigger emotional hole by becoming financially burdened due to an injury.

My name is J. Jeffrey Herman and I’ am an Oxnard burn injury attorney. For more than 30 years, I have successfully represented accident victims throughout Southern California and helped them recover the proper compensation needed to account for their medical bills, damages, lost wages along with their pain and suffering.

Types of Burn Injuries in California

When you think of a burn injury, your mind immediately goes to FIRE. But did you know more than 75 percent of burn injuries in California are caused by scalding hot water or steam? Other less common burn injuries are caused by electrocution or exposure to chemicals, they are often more severe leaving life-changing injuries in their wake. Many are the result of defective products, such as water heaters or various electrical appliances. In addition to the dangers at home, burn injuries can happen in the workplace, including improperly labeled chemicals and exposure to improperly guarded electrical lines. These may sound uncommon but they actually aren’t. Burn injuries caused at work have an added element to them in the legal word especially if it was caused by a defective product.

How an Oxnard Burn Injury Attorney Can Help?

A personal injury attorney must wear many hats. In addition to providing legal representation and counsel, they must also protect the health and welfare of the client. As a burn injury attorney, my first priority is to make sure each client receives the best possible treatment to address their injuries. In far too many cases, accident victims with serious burns are not in a proper physical condition to conduct many of the tasks we often take for granted. The personal injury legal team at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman can help with the following:

  • Help clients navigate through the legal process
  • Obtain and file legal paperwork and documentation
  • Provide skillful negotiation with insurance companies and in the courtroom
  • Protect the rights of accident victims with burn injuries

Burn injuries are severe and it is important for victims to obtain the maximum compensation possible for their injuries. Even though no amount of money can heal some wounds it can ease the financial burden associated with loss of work and medical bills. The first important step is to select an experienced and knowledgeable burn injury attorney with an extensive track record of placing clients in the best position to succeed.

Contact Oxnard Personal Injury Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman for a Consultation

As an experienced burn injury attorney J. Jeffrey Herman understands the obstacles and challenges many burn injury victims face after a tragic accident. He and his legal team utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help clients recover the personal injury settlement they deserve. During this difficult time, it is important to have a legal professional on your side committed to always protecting your best interests. To learn more, contact the Oxnard Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman and schedule a consultation to discuss your case and the best course of action.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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