Santa Barbara Brain and Head Injury Attorney

An unfortunate end result of slips, motorcycle or automobile accidents is a brain and head injuries. Untreated, this can cause brain hemorrhaging, memory loss or death due to excess bleeding. As a veteran Santa Barbara brain and head injury attorney can intervene during accident claims, we can help those traumatized by head injuries to locate neurological care.

Don’t let head injuries cause irreparable injury to your brain. Connect with The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman to get your case started so you can seek immediate care.

Common Reasons Brain and Head Injuries Occur

MTBI, or minor traumatic brain injuries, are as the name suggests: smaller yet manageable head injuries that cause short-term memory loss, confusion or delusions, even imbalance.

More often than not, cases of brain injury stem from:

  • Passengers ejected from vehicles involved in head-on collisions.
  • Pedestrians hit with falling debris in unmarked construction zones.
  • Elderly persons being abused. Note that as we age, our ability to bruise and sustain brain trauma from being bludgeoned or recklessly treated is much easier than before.
  • Motorcycle crashes, especially those where proper head protection wasn’t worn.
  • Slips and fall incidents, more commonly at workplaces and stores.
  • Swimming pool ladders that weren’t properly secured to an in-ground or above-ground pool.

Because the human brain maintains a jelly-like consistency, the exact repercussions of head trauma depend on where damage was sustained, at what speed, and how quickly damage is mitigated. Bodyweight, diet and preexisting conditions may contribute to the end result as well.

If your brain is slammed hard enough into your skull in all directions, neurons may shear and die off. This is called diffusional axonal shearing, which is serious enough to paralyze or kill victims. This is often caused by multiple blunt force traumas to your head.

If left untreated, long-term amnesia, hematoma, extended comas and possibly death may occur. The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman will assign an expert brain and head injury attorney to litigate your case. While we cannot tell you where or how to seek treatment, we can offer suggestions of places based on recommendations of past clients or personal knowledge.

Contact An Experienced Head Injury Attorney

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman cares about each client we serve. Knowing how traumatic brain and head injuries can impact one’s livelihood, we work on securing facts surrounding your accident. From reconstructing your accident to filing motions and discussing settlements with the defendant’s attorney, we’re proactive in your case from day one.

Nobody prepares for accidents. Especially ones which debilitate our body’s command center – the brain. We take cases without any fees upfront, allowing victims to immediately concentrate on recovery. If you’re a loved one representing a deceased person’s brain injuries, we’ll help fight to get every penny of compensation your case is worth.

Don’t wait too long, and don’t allow an insurer to force an unreasonable settlement upon you. Head and brain injuries are serious, but we have an in-house Santa Barbara brain and head injury attorney ready to consult, fight and win.

Contact The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman with head and brain injury cases today.

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