Santa Barbara Burn Injury Attorney

Thousands across America deal with agonizing burn injuries, many by no fault of their own. From chemical burns to structure fires, even faulty gasoline tanks, victims of faultless burn injuries are often left transfigured, shamed, even depressed.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman, with decades of experience dealing with burn trauma victims, can provide Santa Barbara burn injury attorney help to those seeking compensation for otherwise avoidable injuries they’ve sustained.

The NIH (National Institute of Health) estimates there are 1.25 million burn injuries annually. If you or your loved one have suffered unspeakable burn pain stemming from another’s malicious behavior, contact our firm today.

Burn Injuries and Their Common Causes

Many associate burns with fire. Yes, many cases we handle involve fires or injuries where open flames were unavoidable, causing second to third-degree burns. Let’s look at the most common causes of skin burning, and why they happen:

  • Electrical burns. When wires are exposed or make contact with metal surfaces, employees or patrons will sustain an electric jolt. While electrocution is fairly common, burns stemming from electrical items are far rarer. These burns may also happen when defibrillators are used without conductive gel, leaving skin looking scalded.
  • Chemical burns. OSHA requires chemicals that are properly identified, must be accompanied by an MSDS, and users must be properly trained. This doesn’t stop companies from cutting corners, so when an unknowingly volatile chemical comes in contact with skin, it will burn.
  • Explosions. Buildings can explode when, again, volatile chemicals not compatible come in contact with each other. Factory explosions or fires injure workers, pedestrians and may lead to various disfigurements. Vehicles that collide at high speeds can explode, as can improperly be designed gasoline tanks.
  • Scalding. Hot liquids that escape containment or splash can cause steam burns, which are far more excruciating than electrical burns since they’re directly contacting skin and nerve endings.

This list isn’t inclusive; many more situations and items can cause burning. Exploding cellphones or computer equipment, for one, are growing in popularity. An expert burn injury attorney will fight regardless of what type of burn you sustained.

Accidents vs. Neglect

Burning yourself while cooking is hardly litigable; it happened at home, away from public view. Proving employer or business owner neglect only requires a few components:

  • You were an authorized person performing a job, or granted permission to exist on someone’s premises.
  • During your work or visit, an accident occurred resulting in burn injuries.
  • Another acted recklessly in causing your injury, or injury couldn’t have been avoided within reason.
  • Their action is preventing you from living the same standard of life, or maintaining your current form, that you did prior to this incident.
  • These actions merit compensation.

In other words, a Santa Barbara burn injury attorney need only prove neglectful actions resulting in bodily injury occurred while you were working, walking down the street or shopping. Premeditation, or planning an action prior to executing, can lead to both civil liability and criminal actions if proven.

If you’ve been badly burned, seek medical attention immediately. A loved one may phone The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman to begin the process of settling your claim for what you deserve.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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