Santa Barbara Motorcycle Accident Attorney

The dynamics behind motorcycle riding can be complex. Defending injured or deceased riders take both knowledges of these complexities, and compassion for riders of two-wheeled conveyances.

With both resources and courtroom experience handling motorcycle incidents, The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman employs an aggressive, battle ready Santa Barbara motorcycle accident attorney poised to fight until victims or survivors receive fair compensation for the inability to maintain their normal standard of living.

Born to ride? Our firm is on your side!

Types of Motorcycle Accidents We Frequently Handle

California roadways are often frequented by motorcycles because of our natural beauty, roads that run along the ocean, and pleasant weather experienced year-round. With an increase in motorcyclists, there are increased risks of injury that may occur.

The types of motorcycle accidents dealt with in our office include:

  • Sports bike accidents, often resulting in serious bodily impairment
  • Drunk drivers hitting motorcycles obeying the law
  • Rear end collisions caused by drivers texting or distracted from driving
  • Obstructions, including debris from trucks, that cause bikers to flip
  • Improper lane usage, causing a vehicle to hit a motorcycle in their blind spot

Of course, every accident is unique both in circumstances and outcomes. We offer an incredibly knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney who understands the law and defends clients wronged, injured or killed by negligent drivers.

What Should Motorcyclists Do After Being Hit?

Every action, or lack of reaction, may significantly alter the outcome of your motorcycle injury claim. We understand that being ejected and injured may cause an initial shock that alters reality; with this in mind, we offer these tips to help build your case and settle your claim favorably:

  • If you’re able to move, check on others involved but always remain on-scene.
  • Assist drivers in need of care by binding open wounds, offering CPR if known, and even attempt to free passengers pinned in vehicles if doing so is possible without further causing injury.
  • Exchange relevant insurance information, again, if your mobility isn’t compromised.
  • Phone emergency personnel and law enforcement. Upon arrival, give the officer an honest account of what transpired, then seek immediate medical attention to address fractures, cuts or head trauma.
  • Avoid speaking to an adjuster before speaking to a Santa Barbara motorcycle accident attorney. We see this mistake far too often, costing injured folks decent settlements.
  • Photograph as much as possible before the motorcycle is moved, or cars are towed. The more you can capture, the stronger your case becomes.

Never admit fault to any insurance company. This, and many other tactics, are used to intimidate victims into becoming perpetrators.

If You’re Born To Ride, Ride With Us

Motorcycle owners love the liberation that two-wheels gives them when riding down an open highway. When they’ve become injured, depression and anger can settle in.

If you love riding as much as The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman loves defending accident victims, ride with us. Let’s take your case and get your injury, motorcycle repair, pain and suffering settled for what you deserve.

Your consultation is free. We don’t collect one penny until your case settles.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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