Santa Barbara Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorney

Hard to imagine 75,000 innocent pedestrians are injured yearly resulting from various incidents beyond their control. The NHTSA estimates that one pedestrian is killed every 113 minutes nationally, a terrifying statistic that may scare folks from enjoying their city on foot.

Hiring Santa Barbara pedestrian and bicycle accident attorney assistance may be necessary to hold individuals accountable for failing to stop at crosswalks, or driving on sidewalks for whatever reason.

Hurt walking? Let’s start talking!

Pedestrian and Bicycle Accidents in Santa Barbara

Not only are pedestrians injured on sidewalks, but bicyclists are knocked around by motorists who entered bicycle lanes. Both incidents can cause massive neck, back, limb and head injuries.

So what causes accidents like this to occur? The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman finds that

  • Inattentive drivers, commonly caused by texting or physical impairments,
  • Collapsed sidewalk tunnels which are supposed to protect pedestrians from falling work debris,
  • Buses that fail to yield to crosswalks,
  • Indirect actions, such as another vehicle hitting you that was hit by someone else, and
  • Driver confusion, often caused by unfamiliarity with local road rules,

Is to blame for many seriously pedestrian injuries that may be life-threatening.

Bicycle injuries happen in a similar fashion, although bicycle rules must be followed more judiciously to favorable resolve injury claims.

Are you suffering from injuries sustained from walking within the crosswalk, following the rules and getting hit by another vehicle, motorcycle or object? Reach out to a professional pedestrian accident and bicycle accident attorney who gives every claim the attention it deserves.

Recovery Is Hard. Don’t Let Insurers Make It Harder.

The further thing from an average pedestrian’s mind is when, how or why they’ll be injured walking from place to place. No matter how careful humans are, accidents can happen at inopportune times.

Recovering from major injuries is a completely different animal to tame.

Missing work means loss of financial independence. Losing money from missed work means bills lay dormant on your kitchen counter, cupboards get barer by the day, and foreclosure notices start flooding your mailbox. Let’s not forget the offending party’s insurance company is offering a minuscule payday in exchange for dismissal of all claims.

The struggle is real. The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman lessens this struggle in many clients daily.

By shielding contact between the insurer and our client, we’re able to negotiate much better terms by utilizing laws many fail to realize exist. Pedestrians and cyclists, much like passengers in vehicles involved in accidents, have rights. We expose those rights in or out of court, the choice is the insurers.

Our job is to protect you from a burden, and offer irrefutable proof your claims have merit.

Walking or Biking When Injured? We’d Love To Help

The quicker our Santa Barbara pedestrian and bicycle attorney firm start on your case, the quicker we can recover compensation owed.

Remember, there’s no initial charge for consulting The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman, and nothing paid if we’re unsuccessful.

Schedule your free consultation with us today.

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