Santa Barbara Pool Accident Attorney

Have you or someone you love been injured while having an unforgettable day at one of Santa Barbara’s fine hotel pools? If the negligent care of an above-ground or in-ground pool caused any type of injury to loved ones or yourself, a Santa Barbara pool accident attorney may be able to recover compensation.

Pool owners, private and public, must maintain safe pool areas in accordance with local and state laws. Obstructions, such as broken glass, or unsafe pool ladders can cause unspeakable incidents to occur, some even life-threatening. The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman holds Santa Barbara pool owners accountable for missteps in pool maintenance.

Common Pool Accidents

While each case reviewed by our firm has its own standard of proof, there are several pool accidents are firms see more than others. They include:

  • Slips and falls, often caused by slickened concrete surfaces
  • Pool ladder incidents where steps weren’t properly secured to pool wall
  • Drowning. When lifeguards aren’t on duty, or unskilled children find their way into a pool area that was supposed to be secured by walls or fencing
  • Electrocution, caused when exposed wiring makes contact with pool water
  • Diving boards that aren’t properly secured or contain slick foreign substances
  • Improperly trained, or otherwise absent, pool staff

An expert pool accident attorney will review your case to determine the next steps if you’ve been involved in a pool incident.

How Pool Accident Cases are Proven

Pool owners fear legal recourse for negligent pool care. As in many states, California defines negligence as “failure to behave prudently in situations where common folk would exercise reasonable conduct”. Purposeful omissions, reckless actions or the moral duty to prevent another person from acting recklessly fall under the ‘negligence’ umbrella.

To prove an individual caused a pool accident or failed to intervene to prevent such, a Santa Barbara pool accident attorney must prove:

  • You were at the pool in question;
  • An accident occurred while using the person(s) or hotel’s pool facilities;
  • The pool owner had a moral duty to provide reasonably safe conditions;
  • They were in direct breach of said duty, causing an injury to person(s) that could have otherwise been avoided;
  • Your injuries caused suffering and monetary loss.

In most cases, The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman can undeniably prove all elements. However, out of fear of facing much larger jury awards, pool owners tend to settle well before we’ve scheduled our first hearing.

Contact Us for Pool Injury Claims

Premises liability is taken as seriously as any other liability in consumer law.

An experienced Santa Barbara pool accident attorney from The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman can make pool owners negligent in their care of swimming facilities pay for injuries sustained. It’s important to collect as much helpful information after this incident, including witness statements where applicable, because an attorney can build an overwhelming case against the offending pool owner.

Did an unexpected pool injury ruin your vacation in Santa Barbara? Has another private pool owner harassed you immediately following a pool accident? Reach out to us, we’ll look at your claim.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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