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Car accidents happen every day but truck accidents are even worse than a regular car in a car accident. Making matters worse is the fact that the suffering party is not the one driving the truck but the person in the passenger vehicle. These types of accidents are very complex and require the assistance of a Santa Barbara truck accident attorney who will work to prove negligence by the truck driver, trucking company or truck maintenance company.

The law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has been representing individuals involved in truck accidents for over three decades now. We understand these accidents can be very devastating and cause serious injuries and fatalities to all the individuals involved. J. Jeffrey Herman has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle these types of cases and get the best results for you.

What caused the accident?

Trucking accidents have various causes and outcomes. Due to the sheer size of the truck, most accidents cause catastrophic injuries The weight and size of the vehicle, make it difficult to break at high-speeds. Truck drivers who lose control will struggle to gain it back. Common causes of truck accidents include:

  • Speeding – Many times truckers speed to meet tight deadlines at work. About 1 out of 5 trucking accidents are due to high speeds.
  • Fatigued truckers – Truck drivers don’t get enough sleep. Some of them have a 16-hour shift. Fatigue can impair the driver’s ability to manage unpredictable situations on the road.
  • Uneven loads – The loaded equipment needs to be distributed evenly throughout the truck otherwise a tire may blow causing the vehicle to rollover.
  • DUI – Truckers sometimes take drugs or alcohol to stay awake. This may cause them to respond the wrong way when getting into an accident.
  • Careless driving – Careless behavior while driving such as not keeping the right distance from other cars, changing lanes periodically, and stopping unexpectedly, will cause a lot of damage.

The effects

First and foremost comes your health. Getting into a trucking accident is no minor incident. The effects can last a lifetime or can even take your life. Recovery can take several years and can leave you incapacitated for some time. This can affect your overall quality of life and earning capacity especially if you are the main breadwinner. In some severe cases, you may need to have a leg, arm or other body parts amputated.

These are the physical effects but what about other effects. Your car will more than likely be a total loss leaving you immobile for some time. This will mean you will have to hitch a ride or take a taxi to get places like doctor’s appointments and work if you are still able to work. Loss of work is another financial burden you will face and some victims are even psychologically damaged, needing therapy.

We are committed to giving our clients the space they need to get well, while we handle the legal aspects of their cases. By combining our experience with our total dedication to our clients’ needs, we are able to obtain the compensation they need to cover costs associated with medical bills, lost wages, property damage, as well as pain and suffering.

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Truck accidents are complex and the injuries are often catastrophic or deadly. Due to the complicated nature of these accidents, it is essential that you retain an experienced truck accident attorney who is committed to your well-being.

Attorney J. Jeffrey Herman has more than 30 years of experience helping individuals throughout Santa Barbara who have been injured in 18-wheeler accidents. He can successfully handle your personal injury case and answer all your questions.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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