Thousand Oaks Hospital Sued for Elder Abuse

Friday, June 23, 2017

The elderly require a little extra care especially when they become ill. Medical care is crucial to their continued quality of life. When your elderly mother or father requires hospitalization you should be able to have full confidence in the quality of care and their safety during their visit. That is not always the case however and should an accident happen a Ventura elder abuse attorney will need to be contacted immediately for assistance.

Thousand Oaks Incident

In February of 2016, an 87-year old man was admitted to the hospital with symptoms related to a heart attack, urinary incontinence, pneumonia and signs of mental deterioration. A month later Emanuel Mandelman passed away. The hospital alleges he passed away from pneumonia and failed to mention the fall Mandelman had three days prior which knocked him unconscious. The hospital conducted a test 10 days prior to Mandelman’s passing which stated that he no longer had symptoms of pneumonia. Emanuel was a high risk for falls and was supposed to have supervision. When the fall occurred, he did not have anyone supervising him and was highly medicated. The lawsuit alleges that Mandelman’s passing is directly correlated to negligence on behalf of the hospital. Another complaint is the hospital’s unwillingness to disclose the fall to the Mandelman family.

Types of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in Ventura county encompasses crimes against the elderly such as theft, forgery, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft and the infliction of pain or injury. An elder abuse attorney in Ventura county can review the causes of suspicion for elder abuse and help the family proceed with the legal process. They will determine whether it is a civil or criminal case. There are common signs to identify elder abuse including weight loss caused by malnutrition, bruises and obvious physical injury. The elder will also have a change in their normal behavior patterns. This includes agitation, anger, anxiety, depression and fear. They will also be confused and unwilling to openly talk. You should also look for signs in the caregiver’s attitude and treatment of the elder. Common signs to look for are limited access to the elder, restriction of activities, and absence of proper assistance from the caregiver. At the first sign of elder abuse, loved ones should report the incident and contact a Ventura county elder abuse attorney.

How an Elder Abuse Attorney Can Help

A Venture elder abuse attorney can determine the type of abuse, gather evidence and arrange new caregiving accommodations for the elder. For this particular case, the attorney would first determine whether to pursue medical malpractice or negligence. They will then need to prove that the hospital withheld information from the family and did not provide appropriate care for Mandelman.  The elder abuse attorney will also hire experts that can determine if the fall did in fact contribute to the passing of Mandelman. J. Jeffrey Herman can assist with coordinating a plan of action for your elder abuse case. You can contact the office for an initial consultation if you suspect a loved one is the victim of elder abuse.

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