Tricks to Increase Your Personal Injury Claim Settlement After a Car Accident

Saturday, October 27, 2018

It is only natural to wonder how much your personal injury claim settlement will be worth after a car accident. If you ask this question to your insurance company agent, the maximum amount offered or the initial settlement offer will always be not quite what you deserve.

This is why so many victims of motor vehicle accidents start looking for ways to increase the amount of their claim settlement to be able to pay for medical bills and cover other damages and losses, including but not limited to lost wages and loss of earning capacity.

Today, we brought our Ventura County car accident attorney to outline several tricks to maximize the value of your insurance claim settlement.

Beware of sly insurance companies

There are many sly and cunning insurance companies in Ventura County and all across California. So do not be surprised to find out that your insurer hired a private investigator to take photographs and record videos of your physical activities in public and even at home to compromise the integrity and severity of your personal injury claim.

Also, some insurance companies go the extra mile to spy on you on social media and dig out any Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook posts that may raise doubts about the severity of your injuries (for example, a photo of you carrying a backpack after you claim to have suffered a back injury).

The bottom line is this: keep a low profile on social media and stay away from engaging in any sort of activities in public that may raise doubts over the validity of your personal injury claim.

How to increase the value of your car accident claim

Do not discuss your injuries or your personal injury claim with anyone other than your Ventura County personal injury lawyer, immediate family, and your treating doctors. Here is the thing: some insurance company agents and private investigators carry concealed tape recorders to fish out words and phrases that may hurt your personal injury claim settlement.

The third trick to maximize the value of your settlement after a car crash is to tell your car accident attorney about all prior accidents, pre-existing injuries, and other personal injury complaints stemming from the past. Many insurers may minimize the value of your claim or even reject your claim if they find out about any underreported, forgotten, or concealed injuries from the past.

When it comes to determining the value of your pain and suffering compensation (which, needless to say, can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars or even more), it is essential to craft a story that would drive the value of your personal injury claim. An experienced Ventura County car accident lawyer from the Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman can help you tell a story that would truly resonate with the judge and juries.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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