Why Are Truck Accidents So Dangerous?

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Traffic congestion in Ventura County is to be expected every time you hit the road. Because of traffic jams and also road conditions, accidents can happen anytime. These accidents involve vehicles of every size, including trucks. Truck accidents are particularly dangerous because they are larger and heavier. But why are they so dangerous?

According to statistics by the United States Department of Transportation, truck accidents take the lives of about 4,995 people every year, and approximately 106,000 truck accident victims are injured. Although these numbers are less than the average for automobile accidents, they are still very alarming.

A truck accident can be devastating, depending on the load carried when the accident occurred. For instance, when a truck that carries water gets involved in an accident, the damages or injuries may not be as severe as accidents involving heavier or more dangerous loads such as hazardous materials.

Another factor to consider is the way these trucks are balanced. If they aren’t balanced the right way, the load sways, and the truck may overturn, which can be fatal for all the people involved in the accident.

In Ventura County, most truck accidents are caused by a lack of visibility. Trucks are very long and their height can also create huge blind spots. Blind spots are the areas where truck drivers can’t see clearly when driving so if another vehicle is in these areas, they are pretty invisible to the trucker. Blind spots are on the sides and rear. Truckers are supposed to signal in advance but sometimes they don’t. Also, they are not suited to drive safely, especially when taking wide swings, which makes motorists unsafe.

Speed is also a major cause of trucking accidents. Whether that includes the speed of vehicles involved in the accident or the truck speed, large trucks should not stop suddenly since it can roll the vehicle and cause a deviation.

So if you are driving in Ventura County, try to keep a considerable distance between you and trucks out there. If you get involved in an accident, make sure you contact a Ventura County truck accident attorney equipped to meet all your legal needs.

No doubt the trucking industry is essential to our economy. There are many destinations across the nation unreachable by railroad. Thus, we need more trucking. But the challenges remain and we need to figure out a way to avoid accidents involving these large vehicles. These accidents can be fatally requiring prompt and costly medical intervention.

In recent years, the number of truckers falling asleep at the wheel has significantly increased. This can be a dangerous scenario costing many lives and irreparable damages. But it’s never too late to seek the compensation you and your loved ones are entitled to receive. When you seek expert legal advice you put yourself in the best position to succeed. Call us today and we won’t disappoint you.

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