(Dis)Respecting the Elderly

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Growing up we were always told to respect those who were older than us. We are fed these narratives of happy families with grandparents who live close or near to their children and grandchildren. Yet, when we think about our own experiences or those around us, we see that this isn’t always the truth. We see that some families live very far away from their grandparents or elderly family members. We see that family member relationships are fractured or broken to the point where they don’t speak to each other very often. What we really don’t see are the elderly people who have no one left but themselves. We don’t see the elderly who, for one reason or another, is sitting alone in a hospice waiting for death because they know no one else is visiting. This of course is a very sad picture. What’s even worse is that those who are working in these hospices or who are caring for these elderly in their own homes may actually be abusing them.

Stan Lee is the god of comic books. He created Marvel comics. Even if you haven’t read any of the comic books, it is hard to miss the myriad amount of movies being advertised and displayed for weeks on end. Stan Lee is a mega millionaire with lots of fans, but very little family. It was reported that a memorabilia dealer, Keya Morgan, had inserted himself into the confidence of Stan Lee. Morgan then started to distance Lee from his children and fired almost all of his close staff. By isolating Lee, Morgan was able to convince Lee that he was the only one looking out for his well being. Some thought this suspicious and called social services who then sent representatives over to check on Lee. Morgan called the police on the representatives and was then arrested for the false police report. He was arrested for elderly abuse. There is evidence that Morgan took advantage of Lee’s impaired hearing, vision, and judgment.

The moral of this story is that regardless of how much money you have or how popular you are, there is always an opportunity for abuse and malicious behavior. If you suspect that there is some kind of abuse happening to you or a loved one then please do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman in Ventura, 805-983-2344.

What We Can Do For You

Our Elder Abuse Attorneys at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Herman in Ventura are passionate about our community. About 30% of our the population in Ventura is over 55 years old. As we all know, with age comes health challenges and unfortunately not everyone has a close family or people who are near to look after them during these times. Our attorneys are equipped with the education and resources to document everything that has happened in our client’s life. With us on your side we will use our best investigative practices to ensure that you or your loved one get to the financial resources necessary to be placed in a safer home. Do not hesitate. Call us 805-983-2344 or click here for a free consultation on how we can help you.

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