New Changes to Residency Requirements for California Veterans Homes

Saturday, January 27, 2018

CalVet is currently updating the rules associated with admissions at California Veteran Homes.  They will be updating their eight facilities in California. CalVet meets the housing needs of over 2,200 veterans in Ventura County and nearby cities as well as their spouses or domestic partners. Military widows and widowers may also qualify to receive these benefits.  But space at these facilities is presently very limited and there is also is a high demand for admissions.

Some of the possible changes include:

  • CalVet will be authorized to do a criminal background check on applicants upon admission. Some specific areas they will screen include assault, theft, elder abuse, and sex offenses. These homes are communal settings, therefore, it is best to know who exactly they are bringing into the community. There are always exceptions, depending on the particular case, but for the most part, applicants with a criminal background are inadmissible.
  • CalVet will also do a financial background check. This is done in order to determine the applicant’s income and whether he or she can cover the resident’s monthly fees.
  • Residents will also be required to have medical insurance.

California Veterans Homes have provided housing and care services for many veterans and their families throughout the years. Widows of Medal of Honor are also included in the program. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA), the California Department of Public Health, and the U.S. Centers certify these homes as well as the Medicare and Medicaid Services. It’s a home-like environment that most residents seem to enjoy. There are many activities available such as dances, volunteer programs, computer access, arts and crafts, and outings. Hopefully, these updates will improve the residents’ quality of life.

Veterans targeted for elder abuse

Many veterans suffer from a degenerative mental disease such as dementia, which makes them the ideal target for any type of elder abuse. Veterans also suffer from severe injuries and disorders, which makes them more susceptible to scams. Also, veterans have many benefits other elders may not have so they are more attractive to thieves.

Nursing homes are often understaffed and they lack adequate resources to properly care for their residents.  There is physical as well as emotional abuse and nothing is done to correct the situation. Unfortunately, about 25% of financial abuse is actually done by the family since they are the ones that know about and have access to the veteran’s financial resources.

Financial exploitation

Financial abuse can also come from scam artists and investment planners. They contact these facilities and promise a larger pension and more benefits but the person is required to invest a lot of money. Unfortunately, some residents at these facilities make poor decisions regarding their finances, which can affect their eligibility for Medicare and pensions alike.

Schedule a confidential meeting

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