Several Warning Signs A Dog Might Bite

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A dog attack can be quite frightening and traumatic. Nobody expects a beloved canine companion’s hunting instincts to ruin a good day at the park. But it happens every day, even to the most cautious dog owners. This is why it is important you get familiarized with the common warning signs a dog is about to bite.

Some of these signs can be very subtle and they might even seem friendly. But there are ways to help you identify them:

  • Yawning, licking, and no eye contact – Watch out for these signs. It means the dog is uncomfortable. Perhaps the dog is just anxious but you must be careful. This scenario can escalate into biting.
  • Showing teeth and snapping – A dog showing his teeth doesn’t necessarily mean he is smiling and ready for a selfie. If you see a dog growling or snapping, something is happening that makes him feel threatened.
  • Wagging tail – This sign can be confusing because it seems that the dog is happy. However, a dog will also wag his whole body when he feels happy. When he is about to bite, he will raise his tail high and the body will remain still.
  • Rigid body – This is another sign a dog might bite. When a dog is angry, the muscles in his body are stiff. They freeze because he probably feels uncomfortable with something.
  • Raised fur – It is common for the fur on the neck of the dog to stand up when he feels threatened.
  • The white portion of the eyes is visible – This generally happens when the dog is focused and the eyes are locked on the target. It can be very intense and you will see the white in the dog’s eyes for some time.

Do this

If you see the dog is going to attack, approach him slowly. Don’t threaten him and stay calm. You are taller than the dog so he might be intimidated by your height. If the dog attacks, grab something and put it in the dog’s mouth, such as your purse. The dog may keep trying to bite you but it will distract him for a while. If the dog bites you, making the dog angrier will not help. Infection is possible so you must go to the doctor as soon as you can, even if it was a minor bite.

Dogs are domesticated so they are generally safe unless they are provoked. However, if you encounter an angry dog, leave it alone or call a local shelter. There are also many resources out there to help you and your family stay safe from dangerous dogs.

Hire an experienced attorney

A Ventura County dog bite attorney can help you handle the legalities associated with your dog bite claim and make sure you are justly compensated for a dog bite injury or dog attack.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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