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If you injured by pedestrian accident, contact our Oxnard pedestrian accident attorney J. Jeffrey Herman at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman to get you the compensation you deserve.
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Pedestrian Accident

Every day people choose to walk to work. They decide to walk because it is easier or because they don’t have a car. Regardless of why people want to walk, it is important they remain safe and secure while walking. Our Oxnard Pedestrian Accident Attorneys at The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman represents hundreds of victims of pedestrian accidents. We have seen first hand the trauma and pain that accompanies a pedestrian injury. Unfortunately, we cannot go back in time to prevent the accident. Instead, we can do all we can to make sure that you get the compensation needed to handle the injuries you sustained.

Pedestrian Injuries

There is no gentle way to get hit by a car. The variable that determines the injury is speed. The faster the speed, the more severe the pedestrian injury. Common pedestrian injuries include:

These injuries can range from minor to major effects. For example, a brain injury can be a concussion, or it can lead to a stroke. A spinal cord injury can lead to a broken spine, but can also result in permanent paralysis. The injury varies depending on the situation. Regardless of the severity, an injury almost always means a time of recovery is needed. If you are the head of a household, you may not have the time to take off work and recover. Who will help pay for the medical bills? Who will help pay for any accommodations in your household if needed? What do you do?

A man in his 30’s was crossing the street when he was hit by a car. He was killed on impact. The blunt force trauma of the car caused the injuries. The driver and the pedestrian were in dispute before the incident occurred. An investigation is ongoing to determine better who is at fault. The man who died was not alone. He had a family. He had friends. He had people who needed his emotional and financial support. Who pays for the funeral? Who pays for any medical expenses? What do you do?

What To Do

In the event of an injury due to a pedestrian accident, our Oxnard Pedestrian Accident Attorneys are here to get you the compensation you deserve. Typically in situations like this, an insurance company will make an offer to help cover your bills. The first offer does not always cover everything that you need. Insurance companies may be in the business of protecting people, but they don’t ever want to provide a proper payout.

If you want your medical bills paid, lost income paid, and other expenses related to your injury paid, then you need a strong advocate to negotiate for you. Call 805-983-2344 or click here to start a free consultation about your case with our professional attorneys at the Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman in Oxnard today.