Slip and Fall Accidents Injure People Worse Than Wrecks

Thursday, February 22, 2018

As the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries across America, slips and falls can have immediate and lasting ramifications on one’s health. Hemorrhaging, paralysis and even death can occur when someone takes an unnecessary plunge back to earth. Most litigable accidents happen due to negligence, although few do occur on icy steps and sidewalks at home.

It’s an excellent idea to enlist skilled Santa Barbara slip and fall accidents attorney help when negligence occurs. However, it’s also prudent to understand just how devastating these massive accidents really can be.

Slip and fall accidents occur everywhere

Whether you’re swimming at some resort or shopping for groceries, slips, and falls are common across California. They happen at the oddest times to good people; just ask Patricia Moorer, who is currently suing Walmart for slipping on ranch dressing. Accidents like this are avoidable because whoever oversaw maintenance should’ve been alerted to this spill, but wasn’t in time. Although there are so many variables going into her claim, it’s impossible to comment on the legitimacy of her claim.

According to a nurse practitioner teaching at BYU, slips and falls can have traumatic effects similar to, or greater than, car accidents. Although his assertion was based on snowy and icy surfaces, the devastation carries over to any fall which is quick and sudden.

Regardless of how accidents occur, those that are litigable are also preventable with sensible care. Salting entryways when they’re icy, cleaning up food and liquid spills in shopping centers, and spending that little bit extra for better construction of stairs can cut down on personal injury suits tremendously.

Negligence hurts. But, there’s a law for that.

The slip and fall accidents attorney businesses fear and many citizens trust can fight negligent accidents, period. There is no denying victims will be entitled to compensation if someone else caused their traumatic head or bodily injury. It’s getting past ‘reasonable doubt’ that proves challenging at times.

Accidents that cause injury aren’t planned events. Everyone knows this. Proving that someone willfully went out of their way to inconvenience your life by injuring you means several elements must be proven: an accident injured someone, another person had control of their safety but did nothing, and injuries merit compensation. That’s Cliff’s Notes version.

How will victims know whether they’re entitled to compensation? Sometimes, they don’t. If they’re walking downstairs of their apartment building and bust their duffs, chances are it was because the property manager or owner was negligent in caring for those common walkways.

Remember, it’s rarely the injured person’s fault.

In cases where the actionable negligence occurred, it’s rarely the victim’s fault. Again, this assumes another person was reckless.

Understanding your rights as victims, then hiring that Santa Barbara slip and fall accidents attorney known for getting results is probably suggested before screaming for vengeance. Negotiations tend to happen outside of court because many at-fault parties hate being embarrassed.

Slipping and falling hurts badly. Care for your injuries before taking any action or making phone calls to people who’ll fight for you.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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