Dog Days of Summer

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Although this phrase comes from ancient Greek and it generally refers to the hottest summer days, we can add to that how irritable dogs can be in the summer. Research has shown that as the summer days arrive and dogs are out there, they can get pretty aggressive. Summer is the most dangerous season of the year for dog bite injuries to occur. Children generally sustain most of these injuries. More than half of the people who receive medical attention for dog bites are children. Contact a Ventura dog bite injury attorney  if you or a loved one has sustained moderate to severe dog bite wounds.


Rabies is very common in the summer, particularly in areas with extreme heat that will cause thirsty animals to go to the city. Bats are also more common in the summer and unfortunately, they carry Rabies. Although the common belief that Rabies prevails in the summer may not be true, dogs indeed pant in the hot months and people mistrust them.

Outdoor activities

People spend more time outdoors during the summer. The weather is right and beaches or swimming pools provide much comfort and fun. But amid all this amusement, people bring their beloved canine companions with them. Dog bites generally happen outdoors, and the more people out the more probability of injuries. Also, people wear comfortable clothing in the summer and their skin is more exposed.

School break

Summertime is when kids are off from school. It’s the natural thing to do. Kids like to play and enjoy time with their friends. But they will also bring their pets with them and this increases the chances of biting. Even if your child doesn’t have a pet, school friends and neighbors will bring their own. Kids like playing with animals but not all animals may respond in a friendly manner.

Some tips

Now that you are aware of the dangers, it’s time to prevent them with some simple tips:

  • Stay away from dogs, even when they are friendly.
  • Keep away from angry dogs. These are dogs that like barking and growling.
  • Don’t interrupt a dog’s meal or nap.
  • Read the dog’s body language before approaching them.
  • Before petting an animal, allow the dog to sniff. Show your children how you pet a dog before allowing them to pet.
  • Ask the owner for permission before petting an animal.
  • Don’t tease dogs.
  • Be quiet around a dog. If the dog attacks, cover your head and neck with your hands.

A bite can occur

Even when you take all the necessary precautions to avoid a dog attack, bites can occur. It’s important you sterilize the wound right away and call 911 immediately if it doesn’t stop bleeding. A Ventura dog bite injury attorney could prove helpful during such accidents as they will help you claim your rights to compensation for medical expenses and all recovery costs. Contact attorney J. Jeffrey Herman today and protect your rights.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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