Gathering Evidence Of Bicycle Accident & Injuries

Thursday, January 14, 2021

The deeper we get into these strange Covid times, the stranger people get. Gone are the heavy traffic days of people bustling to and from work as more people are encouraged to work remotely. However, that doesn’t seem to stop locals from riding around to see family, friends, pick up some groceries, or pick up food from restaurants. Even though bicyclists may be seeing less traffic on the road, they are still just as vulnerable. If you or a loved one has experienced a bicycling injury, our bicycle accident attorneys at the Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman is ready to advocate for you.

What To Do If You Are Injured

A cyclist is more likely to suffer an injury from getting hit by a car than a two-vehicle fender bender.  Even with a helmet, bicyclists can sustain an injury to their neck, back, and head. If you were cycling and hit by a car, you should treat the situation as if you are in a car accident. Our Oxnard Bicycle Accident Attorneys want to give you a list of things to do if you are injured during a bicycle accident with a car.

Step 1:

Call 911. Now is not the time to act brave or shake off any pain. By calling 911, you are ensuring that medical staff is assessing any medical needs. Accurately documenting pain and injury is important to gathering evidence for your case. Typically, insurance companies are more likely to accept evidence of reported injuries at the time of the accident than injuries reported later.

Step 2:

Talk to the officers at hand. If there are police officers there, please make sure that you are giving them your side of the story too. The police statement is part of the evidence gathered. You can also speak to other people surrounding the incident. Getting witnesses who saw the accident helps attest to what happened if there is additional contradictory information. Getting names and numbers of witnesses is helpful if you are capable of doing so.

Step 3:

Keep track of expenses. Bicycles aren’t as expensive as cars, but they do cost a decent amount of money. Keep track of upkeep or maintenance necessary for the bike. Keep track of the amount of money lost from work or bills that have piled up because of the accident.

Step 4—and most important— Get an Attorney!

Dealing with the legal stress of an accident as well as medical stress is not a good combination. Our Oxnard Bicycle Accident Attorneys have a wealth of knowledge in this area. We are professionals that want to help you. Our job is to advocate for our clients to ensure that they are getting the compensation they deserve. You can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 805-983-2344.

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