Many Homeless Dogs Looking For Shelter During The Holidays

Thursday, December 21, 2017

The holidays seem like the perfect time to adopt a pet but unfortunately many shelters across the United States report abandonments during this time of the year. While not all shelters in California report an increase, statistics show a different story. Three pets are abandoned every hour during the holidays. It is a very unfortunate situation seeing a pet abandoned by the only family they know.

If you come across a  dangerous stray dog this holiday season, it is important you deal with the situation in a safe and secure manner. Especially children should never approach these animals. Call a local dog shelter to deal with the problem.

Never offer a homeless dog food unless you are willing to adopt it. The dog will keep coming back for more. Also, these dogs have diseases you may not know about and some pets have food intolerance and allergies. In other words, if you feed this pet with the wrong food, you could make it sick.

It is a good idea to carry products that repel stranded animals. Many pedestrians in Oxnard have suffered this fate. Ask wildlife professional about your options when being attacked by a dog.

What about if a homeless dog approaches you?

If an off-leash dog approaches you, stay calm. Don’t lash out the dog, especially if minor children are with you. It can create an undesirable situation and your children will be unattended. When you hit a dog, it generally retaliates and these animals are pretty strong. If you are attacked, cover the neck and other areas that may cause significant injuries.

Make sure you hire an experienced Oxnard dog bite attorney to handle your case. Many times dog owners are responsible for the accident and they should compensate victims accordingly. But you must hire adequate legal representation in order to prove the accident occurred. You should also go to your doctor to determine the proper treatment for these bites.

Keep your family safe

While it is okay to try to find a home for a stray dog, you must first catch and restrain him, and that might not be easy. Sometimes they are open to being approached but take your time to gain his trust. Never touch the head or body or the dog may try to bite you or run away. The most important step is calling a Humane Society to locate the owner. If you decide to bring them home with you, you must take him to a vet and talk to your family and landlord to see if they agree with the decision.

How can an Oxnard dog bite attorney help you?

If you have been involved in a dog bite accident, an experienced Oxnard dog bite attorney can assist. Dog bites can be damaging and require costly medical intervention. We can investigate the possible causes of the accident and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. When settlements are not possible, we can litigate the issue in the trial. Call us today and find out more about your legal options.

The Law Offices of J. Jeffrey Herman has a focus on personal injury cases in other parts of California.

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